Skier of the Year: Round 2 Analysis

Skier of the Year: Round 2 Analysis

After another six days of voting in the SOTY tournament, this time for the round of 8, the results are in. There were four hotly contested matchups, including Sage and Candide’s big mountain showdown, as well as the all-American battle between Simon Dumont and Bobby Brown. Here’s how the Round of 8 shook out and go vote in round 3 of SOTY voting.

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Matchup 1: Sammy Carlson vs. Sean Pettit

Winner: Sammy Carlson, 60%-40%
Sammy Carlson shows that age and experience have won out over Sean’s youth. Sammy takes his combined TGR and PBP segments along with him to the semi-finals while Sean Pettit goes back to the drawing board for next year as opening segment in MSP wasn’t quite enough. Sammy faces a much more experienced and accolade-garnering opponent in Candide Thovex next round.

Matchup 2: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa vs. Candide Thovex

Winner: Candide Thovex, 62%-38%
After a scare in round one, the reigning Freeride World Tour Champion pulled out ahead early and kept building on his lead. Sage’s valiant effort in TGR and our October Cover just wasn’t enough to match Candide’s competition results and his so-called “Kamera.” With the biggest margin in the Round of 8, Candide handily beats Sage. Candide Will be the lone foreigner to move on to the Semi-finals against Pasty C.

Matchup 3: Tom Wallisch vs. Jossi Wells

Winner: Tom Wallisch, 58%-42%
New Zealand’s Jossi Wells and his AFP Overall Title, X Games medals and Dew Cups couldn’t drum up enough support to beat the Pretzel Man, Tom Wallisch. On paper, Jossi’s results had bested Tom’s, but in the streets, Tom takes it. Wallisch’s huge following of loyal web-edit devouring fans surely gave Tom’s camp the push it needed down the homestretch. Tom will tackle 2x JOSS teammate Simon Dumont in the next round.

Matchup 4: Bobby Brown vs. Simon Dumont

Winner: Simon Dumont, 51%-49%
This race was by far the tightest of any yet, as only 96 votes separated the two. Bobby jumped out to an early lead, but Simon’s camp never wavered, slowly closing the gap. With the backing of Under Armour, Bobby staved off The Dumont’s advances until the last night when Simon gained the upper hand. It looks as if Simon’s PBP closer and 2nd place AFP Overall finish beat out Bobby’s three X Games medals. We’ll see how Simon fares against his friend and teammate, Tom Wallisch.

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