Up In [Revel]Stoke:

Up In [Revel]Stoke:

Words and Photos by Matt Harvey

Dear Revelstoke Mountain Resort,

Where have you been all my life? Why have I waited so long to sample your offerings? You have everything a true skier could want: rowdy terrain, loads of snow and no gapers. You have so much going for you. And yet, your resort is desolate. Your secret has barely leaked, and it’s only the corest who know of your existence. You have just three lifts, and they bring your patrons to terrain usually saved for helis and snowcats. Oh, but you have those, too, opening a whole new section of terrain for those who need to fi ll their gluttonous side.

I visited your area last April with Josh Bibby and Duncan Adams to see if the talk of your greatness was true. And it was. The parking lot was emptier than a dry cleaner at 3 a.m. We couldn’t fi nd a lodge, because most of the buildings are half-made, and there were no people to give us directions. We marveled at your gondola, took it up to The Stoke chair, and disembarked 5,620 feet above the base. We asked Eric Hjorleifson — one of the only other skiers on the hill — where to go, and he pointed us to the goods: “Hike up there for eight minutes and go wild.” Well, Revelstoke, after four days at your resort, I must put in this one request: Please do not tell anyone about what you have here. I don’t want my powder chewed up before the next time I arrive.

Sincerely yours…

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