PK Hunder: Injury Update

PK Hunder: Injury Update

Interview by Hans Petter Hval of Fri Flyt Magazine

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PK Hunder, the world’s foremost jump slayer, sustained a neck injury during the JOI Competition in Sweden last week. Here is the latest update.

Fri Flyt: What really happened on the Joi jump in Ã…re?
PK Hunder: I took a pretty big 10, and set the landing in the usual way, but when the skis hit, they buried themselves and I was slung forward. It felt like a bump kind of dance-move. I tend to be good at rolling when I fall like that, but this time I did not. It was a combination of a big jump and high speed. TJ Schiller and Jossi Wells came up to me fairly quickly afterwards, but it is possible that I was blacked out. I remember that I shook the snow off and slipped down to the bottom, and walked around for ten minutes before my neck began to stiffen. Having been persuaded to go to Östersund, where it eventually became clear that I had a fracture in the neck, I was moved to Oslo via Lillehammer Hospital. Now the neck might be operated on and then I’ll rest for three months. The neck will take six months before I can run ski again, and I hope to ski before the competition season starts in Zurich in October.

Ã¥re chrash from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

FF: How has your season been?
PK: It has been quite fantastic! I had hoped for a couple of podiums, but that I would win the Dew Cup, I had not expected. Competition season began in Zurich in second place behind jacob Wester, and it made me hungry for the London Freeze, where things worked out and I won. Stockholm in November where I was able to keep the nerves at bay and won. Then was the first stop of the Dew Tour, X Games, more Dew Tour, winning the Dew Cup and finally Sweet Rumble.

FF: How important are competitions for you?
PK: Competition is the most important. I’m a competitive man. Filming is only a plus.

FF: Who has been the toughest competitor in the winter?
PK: It must be Jossi Wells. When he put his run in the slopestyle, he is very hard to beat. Otherwise it has been pretty good competitors on top this year, and particularly in the super pipe, where it has almost exclusively concentrated on Tanner and Simon.

FF: What about the Norwegian run? You said before Sweet Rumble you were excited to see the level of their competition. What do you think?
PK: I was a little smÃ¥skuffa [ed. note, no idea] as I know they can be much better. They need more big competitions to be comfortable with the pressure. Many of the boys throw hillarious tricks, so it’s only a matter of time before they put them in the big competitions.

FF: What are your plans to come?
PK: I going to the Islands to relax in a few months. Then golf for money, before I hopefully will be ready on top of a stadium kicker in October!

Visit PKHUNDER.COM for more updates.

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