My Favorite… with Mike Hornbeck

My Favorite… with Mike Hornbeck

Mike Hornbeck: Star of Level 1 films, master of rails, innovator of style, jokester, Midwesterner.


Mike Hornbeck at Breckenridge, CO filming with Level 1 for After Dark. P: Nate Abbott

My favorite thing about Josh Berman is how on it he is. He helps out with anything needed to make trips possible.

My favorite thing about Moscow is the architecture.

My favorite spring feature I've ever hit is the Breckenridge angled rhythm jumps [as seen in Level 1's film, After Dark.]

My favorite thing about going back to the Midwest is the lakes. 

My favorite place to ski in the summertime is New Zealand. Snowpark is empty every day

My favorite beverage to sip in the summertime is water; and maybe some Bud-wise-er.

My favorite fast food joint is Taco Bell.

My favorite thing about Summit County is how mellow everything is: the people, the town, your work, etc. Which then leads to you getting sucked in and having a whole ton of fun doing nothing. I moved this year, but really miss it. The summer is awesome too.

My favorite song on my iPod right now is King Kong by Curren$y.

My favorite person to ski with is Ahmet Dadali.

My favorite pop-star is I don't have a radio in my car, or cable TV, so I will say the one that has the most problems.

My favorite trick on skis is the Rodeo.

My favorite skateboard trick is a big ol' ollie, snapped into a tranny.

My favorite skateboarder to watch is Grant Taylor. He skates so fast and smooth.

My favorite sweatshirt right now is my Black Armada.



New Era #4 – Mike Hornbeck Segment 2009, featuring footage from Level 1's Refresh

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