Monday Morning Wake Up Call: A Collection of Rockin’ Videos to Ease Those Monday Blues

Monday Morning Wake Up Call: A Collection of Rockin’ Videos to Ease Those Monday Blues

Another Monday, another set of entertaining videos to help you make it through the day. We received some great submissions from many of you this week. Thanks, and please keep 'em coming. Enjoy today's crop, and make it a great day out there.

Have some videos that you think are worthy of an appearance in Monday Morning Wake Up Call? We want to see what you've got! Send your ideas to [email protected], or hit up @Freeskier on Twitter with the hashtag #MondayWakeUp.

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Top to bottom skiing on June 21 at Jackson Hole. Adam Osgood skis on snow up high, and shreds epic turns on grass and dirt near the bottom.


USC Ski and Snowboard Club Presents their short film, "The Trip."


Matti Räty self edit.


Springtime Journeys by Hummpefilms


Schnalstal/Val Senales Summercamp 2011 Week 2 by Markus Eder


If you thought the dirt skiing at Jackson was cool, wait 'til you see this. Former French extreme skiing pioneer, Sylvain Saudan shreds on rocks.


"Bike Lanes." A man takes a stand.


Speaking of taking a stand… a group of scallywags performs an all-out takeover of Lowers, a California surf spot threatened by "old men."


Evan Doherty, Age 8, 540 at Penn Valley Skatepark.


Classic motorcycle crash leads to one mega-bummed-out racer.


Car towing fail.


Synchro Indoor Sky Diving: Praha Opening.


Discrete TV #24 – Matthias Giraud is Super Frenchie!


Verdon Craziness: More "Super Frenchies."


Is this the best, or worst ad ever?


 This bike crash will make you cringe. FYI, this guy made a full recovery.



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