MMWUC: Wilson’s rail slide to B.A.S.E. jump, plus Russian Loch Ness monster

MMWUC: Wilson’s rail slide to B.A.S.E. jump, plus Russian Loch Ness monster

This week, Mike Wilson performs the first-ever rail slide to B.A.S.E. jump, at Twin Falls, ID; we travel the Road to Sochi with Bobby Brown, David Wise and Keri Herman; and Jacob Wester hits it deep in the Euro Alps. Down below, you’ll catch a glimpse of a rare, Russian Loch Ness monster, plus a cat fail and insane wingsuit proximity flying—and more. Enjoy, and make it a great day out there.

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Best of the Shred:

Behind the scenes: Mike Wilson’s rail slide to B.A.S.E. jump.

Road to Sochi: Bobby Brown on comeback from injury, Olympic preparation and more.

Road to Sochi: David Wise talks about family life, what defines him as a skier.

Road to Sochi: Keri Herman on what drives her to compete at the highest level.

Blower November in Euro Alps: Jacob Wester drops first video in new web series.

Best of the Rest:

Loch Ness monster from Russia.

Beans—not for astronauts.

Wingsuit pilot flies super close to the ground.

Arctic glacier collapses. Too close for comfort.

Cool s#it that happened in 2013.

Cat fails jump.

Military trucks dropped from airplane during night.

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