MMWUC: Epic Candide Thovex POV and a man who summons UFOs

MMWUC: Epic Candide Thovex POV and a man who summons UFOs

This week, Candide Thovex absolutely dominates his home resort, Erik Roner sends Shane McConkey’s sled off an 800-ft cliff, Nick McNutt shreds beautiful pillows, a deer rides public transit (by accident) and one man summons a UFO. Enjoy, and make it a great day out there.

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Best of the Shred

Watch badass GoPro footage of Candide Thovex shredding his home resort.

Erik Roner jumps Shane McConkey’s snowmobile off 800-ft cliff.

Nick McNutt drops rowdy POV highlights from 2012/13 season.

The Way Up: Torin Yater-Wallace talks about his rise to the top.

Simon Dumont takes you behind the scenes of Red Bull training camp, Aspen.

Skiing the ultra narrow Terminal Cancer couloir with Brody Leven.

2013 Highlights: From the streets to the park with Beau-James Wells.

Best of the Rest

The best music video ever? Commander Chris Hadfield in space.

Deer crashes through windshield, panics on bus.

Man summons UFOs.

Arm wrestler girl goes berserk.

Street performing Transformer.

Snowmobiles are dead.

Want more? Here’s what you need to know about the 2013 Sammy Carlson Invitational, set to live stream via freeskier.com/live this coming Saturday.

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