Mammoth Goes Off: New Improved Park For 2009

Mammoth Goes Off: New Improved Park For 2009

California’s Mammoth Mountain is investing $750,000 in its parks for the 2008-09 ski and snowboard season, including improved grading and expansion of current terrain, new “Adventure Zones,” enhanced snowmaking and two brand-new Pisten Bully 400 Park Bully snowcats.

Leading off the list of improvements for the upcoming season is the massive amount of grading and shaping being done to enhance the existing terrain in Unbound Main. Twenty-five thousand cubic yards of dirt are being moved to double the usable area of Thunder Road, the site of Lower Unbound Main Park. The expansion will afford terrain park designers greater flexibility in terrain feature placement this winter.

Another change for the upcoming season are the enhanced snowmaking capabilities for the Superpipe and Unbound Main Terrain Park. Instead of simply adding new water and air pipes into the ground, Mammoth Mountain decided to recycle underutilized snowmaking systems that were already in place to create a more efficient layout.

The ski area is also adding four new “Adventure Zones” this winter to complement their Parks. These new runs will be fun tracks built into the trees featuring a variety of berms, rollers and small bumps. These “Adventure Zones” will be located near Disco Park, Forest Trail Park, Wonderland Park and Eagle Express Lift.

Rounding out the list of major improvements for the Unbound Terrain Parks will be the addition of multiple new jibs for the 2008-09 season, some of which are signature features for Vans and Dragons to complement the popular 2007-08 Quiksilver signature jib, a large skate-inspired pyramid made of 100% steel and coated in clear Lexan plastic.

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