Lucas Stål-Madison wins the Level 1 Superunknown IX contest

Lucas Stål-Madison wins the Level 1 Superunknown IX contest

When Level 1 announced this week that Lucas Stål Madison was the winner of the Superunknown IX contest, many were baffled. Why? Stål Madison's video-submission had been released as an honorable mention, not a finalist.

We caught up with founder of Level 1, Josh Berman, to inquire as to how the selection was made:

"This year was far and away the deepest talent pool we've had for Superunknown and each and every one of the finalists would be a worthy choice for the title. After weeks of deliberation the Level 1 staff still couldn't agree on a clear winner. With time running out we turned the final decision over to our athletes and they threw us a curveball insisting that an entry that didn't (but should have) made the finals was the winner. We knew this call was going to be a controversial one and ruffle some feathers but at this point I trust the judgment of our crew—they've been around the block and know what they're talking about!"

To see what the Level 1 athletes had to say about Stål Madison's video, follow this link.

Controversy aside, Stål Madison displays smooth style, and sound technical proficiency in his video. Enjoy, and congrats to Stål Madison on taking the crown this year.

Lucas Stål-Madison — Superunknown IX Winner




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