Legs of Steel organizes insane jump session in 4th webisode

Legs of Steel organizes insane jump session in 4th webisode

Last week we shared Legs of Steel's third webisode, and referred to it as their "third and final of the year." The group marketed their series as a "triology of webisodes," but with the release of their 4th edition today it seems we're lost somewhere in translation.

Regardless, the webisodes offer viewers a peek at the footage that will comprise Legs of Steel's feature film Nothing Else Matters, which will be released for free online October 26.

In this latest episode, we see skiers including Bene Mayr, Fabio Studer, Antti Ollila, Oscar Scherlin and Lolo Favre taking on a massive kicker in Kaunertal, Austria. Additionally, we catch a glimpse of the crossover jump session that will undoubtedly go into the books as one of the best sessions of the year.

Legs of Steel webisode 4line_31.jpg

This time last year the Legs of Steel crew sat down to begin planning one of the most mind-blowing park segment ever filmed. It’s difficult coming up with new ideas and it seems the only way to get noticed is to go bigger than anyone has gone before. But the Legs of Steel crew stepped outside the box to create one of the most outrageous shoots we've ever seen.

Watch Bene Mayr, Thomas Hlawitschka, Fabio Studer, Lucas and Tobi Mangold, Antti Ollila, Oscar Scherlin, Lolo Favre, Elvis Harsheim, Sebi Geiger, Nico Zacek, Tobi Tritscher and Toni Hollwart join forces in Kaunertal, Austria. Tune in next week for the final webisode, A Season Review, before the free online release of Nothing Else Matters on October 26. For more information about the project visit www.legsofsteel.eu.

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