Kevin Rolland Wins Park City World Cup Halfpipe

Kevin Rolland Wins Park City World Cup Halfpipe

The sun was shining and the crowd was cheering as the first US-based World Cup (FIS) halfpipe event. Team France was in full effect with a huge contingent, and their two top gunners, Kevin Rolland and Xavier Bertoni, taking the top two spots. America’s youngster, Walter Wood, took the 3rd podium spot with Big Mike Riddle taking 4th.

Rolland boosted huge, double flipping, spinning both ways and including switch hits, to take home the gold. Bertoni took his X Games run, probably the most technical of the day, to the bank once again, taking 2nd. Walter Wood, spun like a top, including a 900, a 1260 — and a competition first 1440 — to snag the last spot. Canada’s Mike Riddle dropped a 1260, huge alley-oop flatspin 360 and HUGE airs to narrowly miss out on 3rd place.

On the women’s side, Angeli Van Laanen right and leftside spun her 540, ending with a big 720 to take home the gold. Megan Gunning held the top spot most of the finals, only to be upset in the 2nd to last run of the day, taking home 2nd. And Anais Caradeux of France, with her 540 and 720 filled run was clean (albeit a little short) rounded out the podium.

Throughout the day, men and women pushed the limits in this huge 22-ft Park City pipe, but not without a cost. Unfortunately, the pipe ate up Jen Hudak, Dania Assaly, Matt Hayward and Roz Groenewoud. This World Cup was definitely the most diverse, talented and largest field at one of these events, to date. All competitors gave their all in hopes of making the 12-person finals, where the ante was upped even more.

Despite a well run event, filled with amazing halfpipe competition, the one smudge on the day would be the mutterings about the inconsistent judging. While it is “judging” and is completely subjective, there were many comments heard today regarding qualifiers and finals results. But nonetheless, the crowd was treated to a spectacular day of halfpipe riding.

Men’s Final Results:

1) Kevin Rolland
2) Xavier Bertoni
3) Walter Wood
4) Mike Riddle
5) Colby West
6) Taylor Seaton
7) Viven Theiry
8) Evan Schwartz
9) Mathieu Bijasson
10) Tyler Peterson
11) Kyle Smaine
12) David Wise

Women’s Final Results

1) Angeli Van Laanen
2) Megan Gunning
3) Anais Caradeux
4) Virginie Faivre
5) Jess Cumming
6) Siena Palmacci
7) Kim Sharp
8) Nicole Bumann
9) Katrien Aerts
10) Brita Sigourney
11) Keltie Hansen
12) Manami Mitsuboshi

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