Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 7: Double Header [Video]

Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 7: Double Header [Video]

Another beautifully sunny day here in Ã…re oversaw the festivities today for day 7 of the Jon Olsson Super Sessions. This marked the first day where two full sessions were planned and executed in a single day. The plan: Step up session for the daytime and a sunset jaunt over to the JOI Step Down kicker for shots in the nice late afternoon light. Despite a full day of skiing, the riders stepped up to the plate and hit home run after home run.

Stepover Session 2 from Jon Olsson Video Blog on Vimeo.

As the step up session was midday, the snowfield surrounding the massive feature was littered with onlookers, gapers, wanna-be photographer/filmers and persons in awe. After the pre-requisite “someone almost not making the gap during speed checking” was over, the session was on. Progressing nicely, 900s and switch 540s turned into double 1080s and kangaroo flips. the heli soared above, the cameras rolled and skis were tweaked as teams managed to get more than a few shots today. After a lunch break and impromptu grom huck session on a mini side hill kicker, the boys were back at it, jumping for two hours after the session was planned to end (that totaled roughly 5 hours of jump time today).

At the end of the session, things took a turn for the hectic, with Russ Henshaw, Andreas HÃ¥tveit, Tom Wallisch and LJ Strenio all busting out rightside doubles (switch and otherwise). Very normal for one days work.

As soon as the session was called, the boys skied down the jump as photographers scrambled to get flashes set up as the light was dipping oh so nicely into the horizon. While not every rider attended the night session, more than enough made it worth their teams’ whiles.

Stylish tricks were the name of the game tonight, with switch 540s, 720s and the sort going down. Tom Wallisch and Jacob Wester threw down the most technical tricks, but they still looked damn stylish. Flashes popped and paragliders sailed as the shots stacked up tonight. the hangtime of the JOI Step Down never loses it’s novelty as riders jump well into the darkness.

As weary bodies were dragged back to the condos, the day was won. With shots in the bag, and sunny weather on the forecast for tomorrow, we’ll see what else is on the horizon for day 8, here at the Jon Olsson Super Sessions. Keep visiting Freeskier.com for more information as it goes down.

For videos, visit Jon Olsson’s site or the Jon Olson Super Session blog.

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