Jon Olsson Super Sessions – Day 3

Jon Olsson Super Sessions – Day 3

After a long day of rest over in Are, the riders got to sink their teeth into a triple line crafted by Jon Olsson. Each of the three true tables were super poppy, medium-sized and mobbed by photographers and their strobes. With sleds to lap the athletes and lights to shoot into the night, the riders got their share of shredding in, while the filmers and photographers captured all the action. Another notable feature of the session — three, almost 30-ft gnomes towered over each jump, adding a touch of uniqueness, a bit of flare and a lot of impression to the setup.

All the riders (except Jon who is resting his knee) sessioned, with everything from switch 1080s to backflips to steezed out 540s went down tonight. As the light fell, the riders’ confidence steadily grew and the session kept producing more and more imagery for each team to play with. Dollies were broken out, strobes popped and sleds roared for a good 2.5 hours, all the while a small and dedicated crowd gathered to watch the world’s best jump.

With another evening of Jon’s trademark courses behind us, the contenders can get ready to relax for a night of Jon’s generosity tonight in the Swedish resort.

Stop by tomorrow for another update, here from Sweden.

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