Get to Know me!

Get to Know me!

Hi my name is Jessi and i am from Piedmont, SD. My home town slope is Terry Peak, and I have been skiing there since i was a young girl.

Currently i am a ski instructor at Terry Peak. It’s the most rewarding thing i have done. Being able to share my passion with others is amazing! Seeing their faces light up when they can make it down the run is just an incredible feeling! I inspire women of all ages every day and would love to reach out and help more of them with Lange.

My favorite thing is to wake up in the morning to tons of new pow pow and race to be the first one up the chair… To be able to make those first tracks down the mountain and break trail is and incredible feeling! Looking back and seeing your tracks standing alone and knowing I was the first one to hit that fresh powder is empowering!

I am in the Pharmacy program At WDT and when not in school (and select snow days)I am at the slopes! you will find me there and come to know me as the energetic, fun, outgoing girl who loves to share her knowledge of skiing with everyone!!!!!!

Pick me to be the new Lange Girl! I would love to reach out and share this life sport with everyone!!!!

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