Freeskier Winter Dew Kick Off Party

Freeskier Winter Dew Kick Off Party

Freeskier and Coors teamed up to throw a little welcome party last night and it went positively swimmingly.

Free beer, some gear, pizza and wings – simplicity at its best. Well attended by the likes of TJ Schiller, Sarah Burke, Tim Russel, Josh Bibby, Steele Spence, Mike Clarke, Peter Olenick and other friends. It was a good way to kick off the season, and the Winter Dew Tour, and say hello to all the familiar faces.

Also in the house, sharing some cold Coors, was a great surprise: JF Cusson, Andy Woods, Phil Larose and Phil Belanger. They are all up here in Breckenridge as judges for the Winter Dew Tour. Good to see the original crew back in the mix for a moment.

All the real action is happening on the hill today with Slopestyle Prelims and tomorrow with Pipe Prelims. Check out Freeskier.com later today because our guys on the ground, Shay Williams and Mike Thomas, are killing it with video and photo coverage.

And tune in Saturday for Slopestyle finals are broadcast on NBC 130-3pm EST with live coverage and Pipe finals will be 12-1am EST on USA.

Thanks to Coors and Liberty skis for hooking it up at the Freeskier Winter Dew Tour Kick Off!

(right to left) Josh Loubek, Jimbo Morgan, Andy Woods, Phil Belanger, Phil Larose, JF Cusson

Coker, Michael Olenick, Kevin KruseMissile

Bibby and TJ – fitting right in okay in America.

The Best – Sarah Burke and some no-name.

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