Freeskier Ski Test Days 2 and 3

Freeskier Ski Test Days 2 and 3

Do you like the wind in your hair and the sun in your face? Then Copper Mountain for the Ski Fest 2009 is the place to be. Days two and three brought more sunshine and a bit of wind, whereas the ski manufacturers brought tons of skis for the testers and industry folks to tear Copper apart.

The testers, now joined by the likes of Mike Clarke, Mike Hornbeck not only tested the skis, but pushed them to their limits. Tucker Mountain, as well as the Super Bee chair were all victim to Freeskier’s mission the past couple of days. Hopefully the future being some snow, but as long as there is sunshine, it’s all good. Warm temps, new skis and nachos are more than enough fuel for the week. Fun is the name of the game.

Check back in to see what else transpires here at Copper Mountain.

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