Fill in the Blanks Friday: Ian Compton

Fill in the Blanks Friday: Ian Compton

Ian Compton is an east coast native, creative jibster, Traveling Circus cast member, Cinnamon Toast Crunch enthusiast and huge fan of Freeskier’s Fill in the Blanks Friday. Check out what fast food Ian enjoys most, what he thinks is the best part about skiing and what celebrity he would date.

Personal Information

Full Name: Ian Pascal Compton

Hometown: Brattleboro, VT

Height: 6’1

Weight: 145 lbs wet

Sponsors: Line skis, EC Headwear, Orage, Pow Gloves, Kooter Brown, High Fives

Ian is one happy camper! photo: Bennet Duchin

Fill in the Blanks

My favorite cereal is: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the taste you can see!

The best thing about skiing is: Every single aspect about it…

One trick I will never get sick of doing is: Spread Eagles!

The first pair of skis I owned were: A pair of the old orange Salomon 1080’s.

If I could date one celebrity it would be: I would date Beyonce break her heart then have a relationship/potential marriage with Jessica Biel, I got it all planned out.

How do you like your eggs: Scrambled with some bacon and onions.

NBD for Ian photo: Austin Holt

The best part about Traveling Circus is: The way Shane, Will and Andy look at skiing.

Originality is going to be the next big thing in skiing.

My favorite movie is: Donnie Darko

The last new trick I learned was: At Windells for Season. 3 of the Traveling Circus!

In and Out! is the best fast food restaurant in the universe.

Next winter I am planning on: Achieving my goals I hope!

Just another day on the mountain for Ian photo: Will Wesson

If I were not a pro skier, I would be: On the national Frisbee team…

Lordi by CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival) was the last song on my iPod.

When I hear the word magical, the first thing i think of is: Max Hills magic trick he taught me.

I have family pics in my wallet.

Last words: Do what you love and love what you do.

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