Elias Ambühl Wins the 2011 JOI Big Air

Elias Ambühl Wins the 2011 JOI Big Air

From Photographer Mattias Fredriksson:

Hey guys,

JOI 2011 is over. SICK comp.

Elias Ambühl won. Landed two triple cork 1440 mutes in the superfinal. Ole Christian Mustad from Norway in 2nd place and fellow Norwegian Andreas Håtveit came 3rd.

I quote Luke van Valin: "This was the sickest big air comp I've seen!" That´s enough. For now. It´s almost 1 in the morning here in Åre, Sweden and we are going to the famous the Bygget for the party. Cheers everyone!!


More to come, enjoy the photos and video for now.

With this win, Elias Ambühl takes the 2011 AFP Big Air Title. While the WSI Big Air is yet to happen (tonight, 8pm PST, Live Webcast here), Jacob Wester, the highest ranked Big Air rider not at JOI, cannot overtake Ambühl, even with a win. While the rest of the pack will do some shuffling of ranks, Elias as locked this one up. Congratulations to the Swiss skier. For all the AFP World Rankings, visit the page here.



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