Elias Ambühl takes the win at Freestyle.ch big air

Elias Ambühl takes the win at Freestyle.ch big air


Elias Ambühl en route to victory. © Pascal Landertline_31.jpg

35,000+ converged on Zurich, Switzerland for Freestyle.ch this weekend. The event combines skiing, snowboarding, FMX, skateboarding and live music; it is one of Europe's most anticipated freestyle sporting celebrations.

On the ski side, 16 riders faced off in a qualification round on Saturday. Each rider had 3 runs and received scores on both a style trick and a technical trick. The pack was cut in half for Sunday's semifinal round. This time, the athletes threw down during a 40-minute jam session. Again, they would receive scores for both a style stunt and a tech maneuver.

On Sunday afternoon, only four remained. The finals consisted of two runs; the best trick would win. Elias Ambühl, Kai Mahler, Jossi Wells and Andreas Hatveit battled for the crown. After a whirlwind of flips, spins and grabs it was Elias Ambühl who stood atop the podium thanks to an impressive double cork 1440.

Elias walks away with a fat check, coveted AFP points and bragging rights (until next time). Scroll down to see video of the action.


L-R: Jossi Wells, Elias Ambühl, Kai Mahler. © Pascal Landertline_31.jpg


Final, Sunday 25, September 2011

1. Elias Ambühl (SUI)
2. Kai Mahler (SUI)
3. Jossi Wells (NZL)
4. Andreas Hatveit (NOR)

Semi Final, Sunday 25, September 2011

1. Kai Mahler (SUI)
2. Elias Ambühl (SUI)
3. Jossi Wells (NZL)
4. Andreas Hatveit (NOR)
5. Gus Kenworthy (USA)
6. Markus Eder (ITA)
7. Tom Wallisch (USA)
8. Alex Schlopy (USA)

Qualification, Saturday 24, September 2011

1. Jossi Wells (NZL)
2. Tom Wallisch (USA)
3. Elias Ambühl (SUI)
4. Kai Mahler (SUI)
5. Andreas Hatveit (NOR)
6. Gus Kenworthy (USA)
7. Alex Schlopy (USA)
8. Markus Eder (ITA)
9. Jacob Wester (SWE)
10. PK Hunder (NOR)
11. Antti Ollila (FIN)
12. Jon Olsson (SWE)
13. Frido Fredricsson (NOR)
14. Phil Casabon (CAN)
15. James Woods (GBR)
16. Kevin Rolland (FRA)

Freestyle.ch 2011 finals video.


Freestyle.ch 2011 qualification round video.line_31.jpg



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