CAST Touring launches brand new Pivot Freetour binding system

CAST Touring launches brand new Pivot Freetour binding system

CAST Touring—a binding company founded in 2012 by Vermont brothers and Freeride World Tour athletes Lars and Silas Chickering-Ayers—has announced the release of its all-new Pivot Freetour. CAST’s previous model, the SI&I, was a modular binding platform that allowed traditional alpine bindings to be mounted to a ski via a series of plates that allowed the ski to tour uphill. One plate added a climbing bail to the heel piece, while the other allowed the toe piece to be switched out with a pin-tech toe for the ascent. It was compatible with a variety of binding models.

Lars Chickering-Ayers on the skin track. Photo: Courtesy of CAST Touring

The new model relies on the Look Pivot binding platform, with the goal being to provide the tried-and-true performance of the Pivot downhill binding—28 mm of vertical heel travel, 45 mm of lateral toe travel, incredible power transmission and reliable release—in a package that allows for lightweight, efficient touring. Instead of multiple plates combining with an alpine binding to allow for uphill travel, the Pivot Freetour is a fully integrated binding.

The CAST Pivot Freetour.

The heel piece utilizes the classic, trusted Pivot turntable design with integrated lightweight climbing bails that can be used in the 0-, 8- and 12.5-degree modes. By flipping a switch and stomping down, the brakes are lifted up and locked for tour mode.

The Pivot Freetour heel piece, utilizing the classic Pivot turntable design.

The toe employs a plate that accommodates both a Pivot and CAST custom-developed pin-tech toe piece. Both toe pieces slide onto the plate and into an “autolock” position, which can be disengaged for conversion via a low profile slider.

The toe system of the CAST Pivot Freetour.

Additional features include an integrated ski crampon clip in the tech toe and easy-to-swap anti-friction devices that accommodate alpine SO 5355 AFDs and walk to ride (WTR) AFDs.

A detailed looked at how the Pivot Freeride works.

The Pivot Freetour will be available in both 4-14 DIN and 8-18 DIN versions, and is now available for pre-sale. A $20 deposit will get potential buyers on a waiting list to help facilitate the earliest ship date in the fall, and will also give them a 10-percent off discount code to be used at point-of-sale.



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