Best of Movies

Best of Movies

Rookie Of The Year: Dane Tudor, E.D.I.A.S., PBP

Coming straight out of the bush in Canada, Dane’s opener in EDIAS blew everyone away. Spring jumps, AK lines, urban, and backcountry booters,
Dane shredded it all. We’re sure there is more to come from this year’s top rookie, who is completely enamored with skiing.

2nd place: Duncan Adams
3rd place: Elias Ambuhl

Best Line: Sean Pettit, In Deep, MSP

For years, Sean Pettit has been ripping lines well beyond his age. And for years, Sean has been dropping jaws and pushing himself further. This year Sean’s pillow line in In Deep is mind blowing to say the least. Besting vets like Sage and Seth for “Line of the Year” speaks volumes about
Sean, and his potential.

2nd place: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Re:Session, TGR
3rd place: Seth Morrison, Re:Session, TGR

Best Editing: E.D.I.A.S., PBP

The overarching goal of a ski movie is to get people stoked on skiing. This year’s EDIAS used music, funny commentary, great action and minimal filler to create the best movie of the year, and the editing was the glue that held it all together. Ski porn at its fi nest, PBP brings home the Best Editing of the Year in 2009.

2nd place: Re:Session, TGR
3rd place: Refresh, L1P

Best Pow Segment: Tanner Hall, John Spriggs, CR Johnson, E.D.I.A.S., PBP

Why do crews keep going to Retallack? Because it has some of the best powder on planet Earth. Tanner, John Spriggs and CR Johnson took full
advantage of the playful terrain and blower pow, earning themselves Best Pow Segment in the process.

2nd place: Nimbus Crew, Niseko, Japan, Contrast, Nimbus
3rd place: Erik Roner, Haines, AK, Re:Session, TGR

Best Trick in a Movie: Tim Durtschi, E.D.I.A.S., PBP

The perennially underrated Tim Durtschi upped the ante in the backcountry this year. Double flip this, switch landing that, Tim closed out EDIAS like he was born to do nothing else. Visiting the famous and long ignored Pyramid Gap in Utah, Tim calmly unleashed a Kangaroo Flip, raising the bar even further. Sure, it wasn’t the most stylish double around, nor was it the biggest jump this year, but the sheer tenacity, speed and cajones it took is why it’s named the Best Trick in a Movie.

2nd place: Seth Morrison, 100-ft Front Flip, Re:Session, TGR
3rd place: Sean Pettit, Massive rodeo 720, In Deep, MSP

Best Urban Performance: Tom Wallisch, Refresh, L1P

Tom Wallisch is a ball of energy, ready to shred park, backcountry or urban, anytime, anywhere. In a movie known for its urban performances, Tom tops them all; his raw talent and effortless style shining through. It takes nerves of steel to ski on little pieces of metal over death stairs, but it takes Wallisch to make it look this good, and that’s why he earns the Best Urban Performance honors.

2nd place: Phil Casabon, Refresh, L1P
3rd place: Henrik Harlaut, Refresh, L1P

Best Huck: Sean Pettit, In Deep, MSP

Sean’s massive rodeo 720 in Rutherford, BC, was by far the biggest jump hit all year. And he hit it twice. Perfectly rotated, not so perfectly stomped, Pettit’s intrepid courage, disregard for playing it safe, and youthful body allow him to huck like he does. But his raw talent and style allowed him to make it look so damn good. Best Huck of the Year soundly belongs to Little Foot Pettit.

2nd place: Mark Abma, Rodeo 720, In Deep, MSP
3rd place: Seth Morrison, 100-ft Front Flip, In Deep, MSP

Best Soundtrack: E.D.I.A.S., PBP

Poor Boyz managed to create a mix tape that resonated with most everyone. Old school hip hop fans can dig Mobb Deep, followers of Rastafari will be into Cookie the Herbalist while Ladytron fills the needs of electronic pop fans. Add in tracks by Loverboy, Black Sabbath and Zion I and you’ve got the Best Soundtrack of the Year.

2nd place: Re:Session, TGR
3rd place: Refresh, L1P


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