Belgian Open 2009: Big-Air

Belgian Open 2009: Big-Air

Tuesday 14 april,

It’s the second day of compitition, the weather is bluebird and there’s not much wind. Lovely conditions for a Big-Air contest.

Les Deux Alpes (France), the ski-resort which makes sure the Belgian Open can happen has three kickers that can be used. A 13 meter, a 17 meter and a 22 meter kicker. Everything is well shaped and the riders can start checking in.

Every rider gets 2 runs, the best one counts. The best 6 riders continue to the finals. Nicolas Elshout stomped a nice and stylisch 720, Timo De Bondt did a freaky switch 720 and Koen Speleman also stomped a 720. Three other guys joined them to the finals.

In the finals every rider has 3 runs to prove what he’s worth, best 2 counts for competition. Nicolas Elshout stomped a big double sideflip and a stylisch 900, he got first. Timo De Bondt got second with a switch 900 and a switch 1080. Koen Speleman took bronze with a very very nice flatspin 540 mute and a 720 tail.

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