2013′s Best Ski Films: Read Freeskier’s review of Poor Boyz’ “Tracing Skylines”

2013′s Best Ski Films: Read Freeskier’s review of Poor Boyz’ “Tracing Skylines”

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 12.57.16 PMTracing Skylines, the newest film from Poor Boyz Productions, follows six pro skiers as they embark upon what they deem the trip of a lifetime in locations across the world. Poor Boyz founder Johnny Decesare, along with athletes Joe Schuster, Julien Regnier, Karl Fostvedt, and, of course, Sean Pettit, introduced the film to the audience at the Saturday night screening from iF3 Montreal. What ensued was 50 minutes of intimate storytelling in which the audience is provided with perspective into what six different skiers can accomplish when focusing their energy on one destination.

A remote lighthouse in Alaska, the decrepit streets of the once mighty city of Detroit, a private terrain park set up in the Pacific Northwest, a haute-route in the European Alps, and the expansive backcountry of British Columbia serve as the backdrops to Tracing Skylines.

An overlooked component of the film comes with the art direction. Stunning animation accompanies the action scenes throughout the film, serving as an aesthetically pleasing transition technique and serves to add a sort of fantasy-like component to the overall feel of the film.

The film is split into seven segments with the opening and closing segs serving as perfect bookends to the film, each serving as a way to hit the reset button before and after a long season of competitions, filming, press appearances, etc. The crowd went wild for the highly anticipated Detroit segment, which is featured in the October issue of Freeskier, and highlights some innovative urban skiing set against the backdrop of Motor City. Lexi Dupont, the only female in the film, showed the audience her knack for skiing big-mountain lines in Alaska, while Pettit and Fujas also put on a show in British Columbia, as was expected.

Poor Boyz once again displays its knack for storytelling, one that it has shown for 19 years. With the talents of well established names like Pettit, Fujas, Fostvedt and Brown leading the way, and up-and-comers like Pehota, Dupont and Schuster backing them, we’re excited to see where PBP goes next.


Website: poorboyz.com/
Facebook: /poorboyzlive
Twitter: @PoorBoyzLive
Instagram: @PoorBoyzLive
Trailer Page: https://ow.ly/oZAMX
Runtime: 50 minutes
Get It Now: https://ow.ly/oZE4y

Official trailer:

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