The North Face Brigandine Bib 2020

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The North Face Brigandine Bib 2020

MSRP: $649.00

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The North Face (TNF) equates its Brigandine kit as body armor, and it’s an apt comparison. The North Face’s highly publicized FUTURELIGHT is utilized here. Through a special nanospinning process, TNF is able to inject air permeability into its fabric membrane, making it ultra-porous to allow water vapor to escape without compromising waterproofing. The process also gives TNF the ability to adjust weight, stretch, breathability and durability for the specific needs of the garment’s intended activity—in this case, high consequence big-mountain skiing. The North Face Brigandine Bib 2020 is TNF’s burliest ski offering and is sure to protect you from anything you encounter in the mountains. Editors’ note: The Brigandine kit is offered in men’s and women’s versions.



FREESKIER tester thoughts: “Dexterity was brilliant and I honestly didn’t even think about the fit because it was so fluid. I was really impressed with how it held up during a warm, wet day at Retallack. I was dry the entire time.”


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