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Scott Sports Scrapper Skis – 2016

MSRP: $800.00

Buy Now — $800.00

115+ MM Freeride Ranking: #04

The Scott Sports Scrapper Skis are the go-to for Dane Tudor. You might not be tossing switch triples in the backcountry like he does, but this ski will certainly elevate your skiing. “Wicked fun, great shape,” said one tester, referencing its 3Dimension Sidecut. This results in a 19-meter turn radius in the tip, 17 meters in the tail and a 600-mm central fl at line underfoot (at 180 centimeters). You’ll find this ski to be on the stiffer side, catering to those who have a knack for ripping high-speed turns. “Consistent ski for aggressive skiers of all types,” said another tester.

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