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Ortovox S3+

MSRP: $349.00

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The S3+ packs advanced technology while keeping the interface simple and user-friendly. A dial at the bottom allows you to power the device on/off and also unscrews to gain access to the battery compartment. On top are two pull tabs to engage search/receive mode and underneath the LCD display is a single button for flagging multiple burials. The display is pretty common, showing directional arrows and numeric distance readings.

What really makes the beacon shine is Ortovox’s Smart Antenna Technology. The range between two beacons is maximized when the antennas are horizontally aligned and despite how many antennas a beacon searches on (3 in this case) they all transmit on one. While most beacons have a predetermined antenna to transmit on, Smart Antenna Technology determines a victims alignment and chooses the most beneficial one for the scenario. After seeing it in action, you can’t argue against it.