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The North Face Women’s Fuse Brigandine Jacket 2017-2018

MSRP: $699.00

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The Fuse Brigandine Jacket has been relied upon by some of the best big-mountain skiers—Angel Collinson, Ian McIntosh, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, for example—for years now, and we didn’t think it could get much better. We were proved wrong, however, as The North Face has evolved the jacket into an even more impressive garment. The new Fuse Brigandine is built with a further ergonomically sound fit, meaning no matter which way you move during your high alpine adventures, the jacket will move with you. The jacket is also fully integrated with bibs and mid-layers in the Steep Series collection thanks to dual entry pockets. Simply open the pocket’s inside zipper and you’ll gain access to the pockets of your mid-layer or bibs. As with previous iterations, the jacket features a seamless, tough-as-nails jacquard weave in the hood, elbows, pocket openings, chest, lower side panels and back to reduce wear and tear, prevent moisture penetration and ensure an optimal fit when wearing a pack.

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