Mons Royale Original LS and Long John

MSRP: $90.00

There are a fair amount of companies out there making high-quality baselayers. A lot of them, however, look like something your grandparents might wear to the ski hill. Enter Mons Royale. This company out of New Zealand started in 2009 and breathes some colorful life deep into the nether regions of your ski gear.

All Mons Royale gear is made from super-fine merino wool for comfortable, non-itchy pieces that can be used as a first layer, second layer or beyond. The breathable merino wool wicks moisture away and has natural anti-bacterial properties to fend of the nasty odors that are sometimes synonymous with baselayers.

The Original LS Crew is a staple in both the men’s and women’s lineup. It has a progressive cut that’s on the loose side when compared to traditional layering pieces, though the women’s is slightly more fitted. Thumb holes help hold it in place while keeping you warm and multiple graphics add to the casual look that goes well both on and off the hill.

The men’s Long John is a form-fitting, 3/4 length piece for the lower half that is somewhat form-fitting but still slightly looser than traditional long underwear. The women’s Leggings have a snug fit and both are emblazoned with the double entendre that is the company’s motto: “First on, last off.”

Mons Royale makes everything from Beanies to tanks to underwear and you can check them all out at

Pros: Look good in the lodge when you take your jacket (or pants) off.

Cons: Loose fit won’t wick moisture quite as well as form-fitting pieces.



Men’s Original LS: $90; Long John: $80

Women’s Original LS: 85; Leggings: $80


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