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Liquid Image Apex HD + WiFi Goggle Review

MSRP: $399.99

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Liquid Image’s Apex HD + WiFi goggle, also known as Model 339, is an all-in-one POV camera and goggle for those who prefer not to have any extra parts on their helmet or other appendages. The camera is positioned at the top of the goggle, directly above the nose, with 30 degrees of vertical angle adjustability to best suit your stance or whatever activity you’re using it for. It shoots 12mp photos as well as 720p and 1080p video up to 60fps and 30fps, respectively.

The electronics are packed into two identically sized compartments on either side of the strap which are slightly uncomfortable against your head if you don’t wear a helmet but we came up with a great solution: wear a helmet. The right side holds a rechargeable lithium-ion battery while the left side has a slot for the included micro-SD card, USB port, 0.5” X 0.5” LCD display for various indicators, two operational buttons and an HDMI port that is concealed beneath two small phillips head screws.

One of the two buttons is a Power/Mode button that is used to power on/off as well as cycle through the four different camera modes: 720p/1080p video as well as still photo mode and continuous photo mode which defaults at one image every two seconds but can be switched to five or ten second intervals using the free app that goes along with the goggles. The other button is used to to engage the camera as well as the WiFi mode which then allows you to connect with the app on your smartphone.

The free app is called Action Connect and though it can be a little finicky, it offers a multitude of uses. The most useful is an (almost) live viewfinder. There is a 1.5 second delay but it does exactly what it needs to do when lining up your shot. The live screen can be used to toggle between all the camera modes as well as take pictures and begin recording, but the app doesn’t support live view while recording video. Once you’re done recording you can use the app to upload and share content via Facebook and YouTube.

Content can be downloaded to your computer in one of two ways. For those with SD card readers, Liquid Image includes an adapter to make your SD card not-so-mini as well as a USB cable which will both transfer your files as well as charge the battery.

The frame isn’t overly large considering it houses a POV camera – partly due to the compartments on the strap. The spherical lenses have an anti-fog treatment and an extra lens is included along with an extra strap of a different color. Peripheral vision isn’t great, as is to be expected with a goggle of this kind, but overall it’s a good little package at a price similar to competitors.