Knee Binding KB12 Binding

MSRP: $400.00

Magazine tester Hans Ludwig had this to say about Kneebinding:

“I can’t say anything about the KneeBinding’s release function because I had no incident that would have caused the binding to release, other than it makes sense to protect yourself against the heartbreak of knee surgery. However, after skiing the binding on rock-hard and variable snow on a stiff carving ski, I can say that as far as ski function goes, the thing is legit. There is no slop in the system, and it feels like a true performance binding under- foot. Even with a relatively low DIN setting, hard snow, and flat light, I had no pre-releases, boot movement, or any other undesir- able sensations. Safety function aside, the boot-to-ski connection feels as good as any alpine binding made.”

DIN: 5-12
Anthracite Gray/Vector Red Composite Adjustable ramp 0-6mm (1.5mm increments)

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