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Kästle BMX 105 Skis – 2016

MSRP: $999.00


Freeskier Rating

Ski Lengths: 175, 181, 189

Turn Radius: 23 m @ 189

Ski Dimensions:


Buy Now — $999.00

100 – 114 MM Freeride Ranking: #10

“Like a classic European sports car, the 105 is made to hug the road,” said one tester about the Kästle BMX 105 Skis. A score of 9.18 in the carving department is evidence of that. A burly silver fi r wood core is sandwiched between layers of fi berglass for a super stable and torsionally rigid feel. Additionally, its elongated early rise tip, rid of superfl uous material (HollowTech 2.0), creates a fl oaty ski that won’t chatter and
wobble when railing turns on the hardpack. Ricky Bobby once said, “I wanna go fast,” and if you share that feeling, this ski is worth a look.

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