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K2 Kung Fujas Skis

MSRP: $750.00

Buy Now — $750.00

FUJAS actually stands for Frickin’ Unbelievable Jedi at Skiing. Being well-rounded as he is, Pep demands a ski that handles an assortment of terrain and conditions. “Once again, this ski kicks butt. Quick and agile, these things will bring out your inner ninja,” said one tester. Another tester said, “I’d use this as my only ski for sure.” The Fujas excels in variable and soft snow conditions, and provides energy and edgehold through turns. Twintech sidewall construction—a technology in which the topsheet actually rolls over into the sidewall—provides extra absorption and 3.5mm edges ensure maximum durability. You can also remove the tip and tail rivets and attach precut K2 skins for climbing adventures.