J Skis Vacation Skis 2017-2018

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J Skis hypes this offering as “a vacation—the ultimate getaway from traditional, stiff, fat skis.” Testers call it one of the “‘funnest’ skis of all time. Plush, buttery and silky smooth.” The utilization of pre-stretched and cured carbon fiber (costs more, performs better) delivers that coveted pop factor and torsional strength all while keeping weight at a minimum. Sandwich sidewall construction and maple wood in the core ensure you’ll hold tough when you’re getting up to speed on the firm stuff. “Ideal width for shredding anything and a nice balance that allows you to have a load of fun but also charge hard without worries,” said another tester. J Skis will build only 100 pairs of The Vacation with this specific graphic for 2017-18—will one be yours?

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Ski Lengths: 173, 180, 186
Turn Radius: 17 m @ 180
Ski Dimensions:

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