Head Kore 105

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Head Kore 105

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LIGHTWEIGHT YET STOUT FOR RESORT SKIING—a marketing phrase often used but rarely accomplished as well as on the Head Kore 105. This model hasn’t changed substantially for 2023, aside from a more durable top sheet, and that’s okay since its position as a playful yet powerful freeride ski is unique from this race-inspired brand.

“The Head Kore 105 is one of the most interesting skis in the Kore lineup because it is where the development of the entire line began,” says Andrew Couperthwait, alpine product manager for Head Tyrolia. “The challenge was to find the proper balance between reducing the weight of the ski while enhancing the performance, dampness and stability. One of the key design elements that was the most difficult to nail down was where the widest part of the tip should be in relation to the length of the ski. This element combined with the rocker profile had the biggest effect on the versatility, from a shape standpoint.”

Couperthwait’s comments on the tip taper is one that can be easily overlooked. But, if you have ever skied a rocker/camber/rocker ski that gave you a paddle like sensation which limited the ski to flex into the beginning of turn, then you can understand how aggravating it can be when trying to let them rip. It’s a solution Head worked on, allowing the sidecut and effective edge to work seamlessly together, and one that makes the Kore 105 arc aggressively into turns yet also provides easy pivoting in tight spots, also aided by its lightweight sandwich construction.

The construction blends a wood core with two layers of carbon and graphene in the tip and tail, resulting in a ski that surprised many of our testers in Jackson; for such a light ski it held up to the testing grounds’ variable terrain with flying colors, especially compared to many of the heavier skis featured in this category.

For Head, it was the brand’s first time working with carbon and graphene in a wider ski. Often times, lighter skis, especially those with carbon, can be pingy—bouncing around whenever the terrain and snow isn’t smooth. However, the Kore 105’s sandwich build and its engineers’ years of producing World Cup-level skis eliminates the worry. The result is a directional ski that is stiff and stable yet is light underfoot and playful, meaning you can slash it around quickly and avoid getting your legs torched from slugging it out with a stiff metal ski all day. It’s definitely geared toward advanced/aggressive skiers who enjoy race- heritage construction that won’t hold them back.

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