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Garmin inReach mini 2018-2019

MSRP: $349.99

Buy Now — $349.99

It’s 2018 and you generally have great cell service on most backcountry missions, but when you don’t, the inReach Mini will surely prove its worth. All it takes is a nasty bail in even the smallest dead zone to quickly put your adventure on ice—but the inReach Mini will keep you connected. It’s roughly the same size as a Clif Bar and works anywhere in the world thanks to the Iridium satellite network. Using bluetooth and Garmin’s Earthmate app, you connect the Mini to your smartphone, then the device acts like a wireless modem allowing you access to all your contacts, maps, NOAA forecasts, send messages, track your location and, in the worst case scenario, send a SOS signal. The only catch is that you need to purchase a subscription plan to access the satellite network. Plans range from $12-100/month and can be on an annual contract or month to month basis. Still, the added peace of mind seems worth it.