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Causwell Format Ski Pants

MSRP: $200.00

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Causwell outerwear — the pet project of Utah-based ski manufacturer Surface Skis — is just what freeskiing was waiting for. Perennially jealous of snowboard brands, kids now finally have another option in the stylish, yet technically sound, outerwear department. The Reasons Jacket is 10K/10K and is laden with all the bells and whistles like wrist gaskets, waterproof zippers, mesh-lined vents and custom trim and details. Given the company’s young, fresh and artistic backgrounds, Causwell has also focused on the look and the cuts of the pieces, which are both phenomenal. As consumers are becoming more savvy and more invested in taste, Causwell will help bring the skiers back from the Volcoms and Burtons of the world and into the ski shops.