Faction CT 3.0 Ski – 2014

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“A good all-around ski for playing in everything,” said one tester. “Soft and playful for the whole mountain,” touted another. You get where we’re going with this? Brainchild of Candide Thovex, the CT 3.0 is built for freestyle-oriented skiers who like to throw down all over the hill—more often than not, in the deep stuff. Slightly changed from last year’s iteration, this lightweight stick benefits from added tip and tail rocker. The ski no longer has camber underfoot, making it better suited for playful riding. Slash, pop—go nuts. Note: Some skiers felt chatter at high speed on the hard stuff.

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Ski Lengths: 167, 175, 183, 191
Turn Radius: N/A
Ski Dimensions:

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