Faction Agent 2.0 2020

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Faction Agent 2.0 2020

MSRP: $849.00

Ski Lengths: 155 cm, 163 cm, 171 cm , 179 cm , 187 cm

Turn Radius: 20 m @ 179 cm

Ski Dimensions:


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While its 1,570 gram-per-ski weight is certainly respectable among freeride touring skis, the fact that the Faction Agent 2.0 2020 boasts the best strength-to-weight ratio Faction has achieved in 13 years of ski building means it skillfully walks the tight rope between uphill efficiency and downhill reliability. Tip and tail rocker, a lightweight karuba wood core and “surf zones” keeps playfulness top of mind, great for conditions ranging from powder snow to soft spring corn. The Agent’s flat tail, carbon stringers and full-length sidewalls give it a bit of an edge, however, ensuring you can rely on these babies in firm conditions at speed.

FREESKIER tester thoughts: “Light ski that was very efficient on the uphill. Pretty soft, but sturdy enough to make good turns on the down through steep corn.“

“Great for late spring corn, taking down big uphills and harrowing steeps.”

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