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DPS Wailer 112RPC Pure 3 Skis – 2016

MSRP: $1,299.00

Buy Now — $1,299.00

115+ MM Freeride Ranking: #05

A high-performance ski in an ultra-lightweight package, the DPS Wailer 112RPC Pure 3 Skis are intended for skiers with a knack for speed. “This ski is the s#it (read: best),” said one tester plainly, “[it] promotes confi dence right off the bat.” As light as these skis are, don’t pass ’em off as fl imsy. They’re powerful and torsionally rigid thanks in part to an aspen core and pre-preg carbon laminate. “Can defi nitely charge a steep face,” noted another. Powder, bumps, hardpack and crud, this ski does it all. It’s a winning package for DPS, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this season.

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