DPS Koala 119 2020

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DPS Koala 119 2020

MSRP: $899.00


Freeskier Rating

Ski Lengths: 179 cm , 184 cm , 189 cm

Turn Radius: 23 m

Ski Dimensions:


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The Koalas are the name of DPS’ pro team, including Piers Solomon, Santiago Guzman and Dash Longe, and the all-new DPS Koala 119 2020 reflects their collective skiing style. The Koala is meant to encourage creativity and switch skiing, but provide an über-stable platform for going huge. Its forward-mounted chassis, significant rocker and tapered tips and tails promote slathering the hillside with butters, and a combination of bamboo and poplar in the core ensure it’s lively and charges like a beast.

FREESKIER tester thoughts: “This ski rips! It’s hard enough to charge and poppy enough to play. Skis slightly shorter than you might expect.”

“Unbelievably fun ski out of these guys. Couldn’t believe how forgiving in chunder! Will be purchasing a pair next season.”

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