Contour Contour+ POV Video Camera

MSRP: $530.00

If there was one complaint we heard about Contour cameras in the past, it was “the field of vision is too damn narrow.” Rejoice, because the new Contour+ features a 170-degree lens, offering the same field of view as GoPro’s. Out of the box, the Contour+ performs quite well. The white balance picks up details in the snow, even on the brightest of days. Choose from three resolutions as needed: 1080p at 30fps, 960p at 30fps, and 720p at 30/60fps. The image quality is clear and vibrant. The sleek aluminum body is water resistant but not waterproof, and the internal mic captures decent audio (or plug into the external mic jack for better audio quality). Download Contour’s app and enjoy additional benefits like exposure settings, GPS tracking or using your phone as a viewfinder. It’s lightweight, compact and comes with a couple of great mounts so you can rig up and get down.

See how the product performs straight of the box in this hands-on video we shot at Woodward at Copper:

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