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CEP Men’s Ultralight Ski Socks

MSRP: $55.00

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Avid skiers know the importance of a quality sock vs. a “meh” sock; frankly, the latter can easily ruin what would otherwise be an A+ day on the slopes. This particular offering, made of 87 percent Nylon (Polyamide) and 13 percent Spandex, fits well into the former category: quality. It’s thin as can be without sacrificing warmth, highly breathable and boasts a snug fit (i.e. it won’t bunch). And we mean snug. What helps this sock to really stand out among the competition is its distinction as a compression sock: Your sock size corresponds directly to the circumference of your calf, meaning this thing wraps your lower leg and foot like a dream. Studies show that compression socks bring about exceptional ankle support and faster muscle recovery. So, if you’re the type who skis so damn hard on day one of the week-long trip and arrives at the condo that evening plagued by sore legs, then spends the whole evening worrying about whether or not tomorrow will be a “go,” you might have a new best friend in the CEP Men’s Ultralight Ski Socks.