Black Diamond Jetforce Pro 25 L

MSRP: $1,399.95

Buy Now — $1,399.95

The Black Diamond Jetforce Pro 25 L is battery-powered airbag pack that is part of a modular pack lineup: the entire face of the pack can be unzipped and swapped for 10-liter or 35-liter storage compartments depending on your objective. A slew of features come standard, including a diagonal ski carry, avalanche tool pocket and various adjustments so it sits just right—but that’s just the start. We know this backpack costs a pretty penny but Black Diamond is pulling out all the stops on the Black Diamond Jetforce Pro 25 L. Most important is the rechargeable, fan-based airbag inflation system from Pieps; it’s travel-friendly, provides unlimited trial runs so you can get comfortable deploying the system without having to refill pressurized canisters, has an auto-deflate mode (to create an air pocket underneath the snow) and a puncture recovery setting that maintains airbag inflation in the off chance you get a tear. New for this year, JetForce firmware can also be updated via a Bluetooth-connected mobile app.

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