Declivity 108ti

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Armada Declivity 108Ti

MSRP: $799.00

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When you think “directional charger,” Armada doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. But under the guidance of Tof Henry (the fastest man in Chamonix, look him up) and Todd Ligare, the most iconic brand in freestyle basically perfected it with the Declivity 108Ti. Like its bigger namesake, the Declivity X, the 108 is shaped with a perfectly matched rocker and taper profi le that excels in soft snow. But the metal backbone of this ski is where it starts to get interesting. These things charge like skis that weigh almost a pound more than they do, but have the quickness of a light freeride stick. The Declivity 108Ti was made to carve wide trenches in open bowls and boost the biggest airs you dare to hit, Armada took its freestyle spirit and gave it a big-mountain backbone.

FREESKIER tester thoughts:

“This ski is a machine. Flex profile is nothing less than magic. Unrivaled suspension allows the ski to have no speed limit. Enter the send portal.”

“It’s like I have magnets in my boots—these things stick together like corn on the cob! Such a ridiculously fun and stable ski. This thing can handle literally everything. Extreme air control.”

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