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anon. M2 Goggle Review: Quick changing lens system will blow your mind

MSRP: $239.99

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In early 2012, anon. took quick-change goggle lens technology to the next level with the introduction of the M1. Now, they’re taking it even further with the M2, a brand new offering that is scheduled to hit stores in the fall of 2013. This goggle bares a lot of resemblance to the M1 but with a few minor differences.

The frame is now 3mm taller than the M1, at 96mm, and sports a clean, rimless look. Eight magnets around the frame hold the lens in place and when you’re ready to change your lens, a quick twist of the frame releases it. The kicker is that you can literally throw the new lens onto the goggle and the magnets will pull it into place. We’re not talking from across the room here, but it doesn’t really get any easier than this (until the M3?). Beautiful, sunny day turn to sh#t on a dime? The M2 is your best friend.

One question that does come to mind: Would the lens come out if you were to crash hard enough? Naturally, none of us here at Freeskier crash, so we weren’t able to test specifically for this, but after much discussion and use we determined that if you were to crash hard enough to pop them out, the lens probably wouldn’t be your biggest concern. If we find evidence to the contrary we’ll be sure to update.

Aside from the aforementioned, it is a pretty simple, medium-large fit goggle. It sports a dual adjustable strap and comfortable triple-layer foam against the face. MSRP ranges from $219.99 – $239.99 depending on colorway.

Video: Testing the quick lens changing system of the anon. M2 goggle