4FRNT Devestator

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4FRNT Devastator

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IF FREESKIER TESTERS, A NOTABLY DISCERNING BUNCH, describe a ski as “my favorite for five years running” and “the mountain is yours for the taking,” you can bet it’s pretty good. That’s precisely the case for the 4FRNT Devastator, which strikes a fine balance between eagerly playful and all business.

Run it back a few years and the original Devastator ski was aimed at taking the brand’s freestyle background to the whole mountain. Airs, butters, tricks, all outside the park. Two years ago, after receiving feedback that the ski struggled in hardpack, 4FRNT went back to the drawing board. The Burlington-based brand updated the ski to feature a new multi-radius rocker design, increasing the effective edge to feel more like a cambered ski, while increasing the tip and tail height to create a surfy feel in freshies. But, with so many loyal fans, the brand knew that it couldn’t lose sight of the Devastator’s hard-charging capabilities while trying to increase its precision and control.

Thanks to added edge contact, the ski is easier to drive from the front, enabling you to flip it from edge to edge easily and charge a lot harder. However, for experienced skiers, it still feels like a freeride ski when you’re in a neutral stance, allowing you to surf, slash, butter and pop freely. The best of both worlds.

It’s rare to find a ski as balanced as the 4FRNT Devastator. Something equally able to rip big turns as it is being surfy and sassy in powder. The new Devastator is as lively as it is laid back, allowing you to let the ski do its thing and spend your energy enjoying the flow. For those wondering, it’s still reverse-camber with a minimally tampered shape, fairly strong flex and progressive mount point. But the new version boasts reduced swing weight and more edge contact under foot to handle firm snow. This season’s Devastator is a great option for someone who wants to show a little style on their way downhill, no matter what that means to you.

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