eSmartr compression sleeves promote mental clarity in the mountains

eSmartr compression sleeves promote mental clarity in the mountains

We’ve all felt it in one way or another. In some place or another. That feeling of complete confidence, focus, and performance, all at once. 

Maybe you’ve felt it at work—just totally in the zone checking off task after task. Or perhaps you’ve felt it on the mountain—skiing your absolute best with everything clicking into place. It’s the best feeling in the world to be at the top of your game. But it’s historically been difficult to harness that feeling consistently. And that’s why the eSmartr Compression Sleeve exists.

eSmartr ambassador, Mark Abma. | PHOTO: Eric Berger

At first glance, this sleeve looks simple because, well, it’s a sleeve. But embedded inside the compression sleeve is a complex pattern that lays against your forearm, activating a complex sequence of skin receptors to generate neural signals. The brain interprets those signals to remove any interference in the neural networks. It’s called Cognitive Boost Technology, and it basically clears the static in your head for more focus, attention, clarity, and memory, while reducing stress and anxiety.

The eSmartr Smart Compression Sleeve uses skin receptors on the forearm to generate “skin-to-brain” neural signals, telling your brain’s cognitive networks to function more efficiently.

Think of it like this: when you’re listening to the radio in your car, the signal will get weaker the further you travel from the radio station’s antenna. In the same way, our ability to focus is weaker when we’re feeling distracted, stressed and anxious; it’s like static for the brain. The eSmartr Smart Compression Sleeve acts like an extended antenna for our cognitive networks to clear the static and create stronger signal, helping open up those lines of communication and bring clarity to your mental processes.

eSmartr’s Marketing Director, Michael Fulton, who worked for the Canadian Ski Council for six years prior to joining the eSmartr team in Toronto, explains this product is built to improve your cognitive state with everything you do, on and off the hill.

“Whether you need to get into your flow more easily as a creative person or you’re an athlete trying to get in the zone, there are incremental gains with this sleeve that you really notice,” he says. “And with skiing, in particular, there are so many decisions you need to constantly make. If you can anticipate that important turn a little bit quicker, or feel more confident to drop into that line that was making you nervous, everything changes. And it all happens mentally.”

For mountain biking, skiing and… everything else, the eSmartr compression sleeve promotes mindfulness.

If you’re feeling skeptical, we get it. This isn’t a product anyone saw coming. But check this out: While eSmartr is new on the block, the credentials behind the brand go way back to the ‘80s, when founder, Jay Dhaliwal, discovered his mother had multiple sclerosis. He wanted to help her with non-invasive treatments, but couldn’t find them. So he set out to create a range of compression products, insoles and more that build bridges between physical and cognitive disconnects.

eSmartr is an evolution of all that work, clinically proven with a white paper study to help hard working professionals and athletes. One prime example: pro skier, Mark Abma.

“I’m constantly looking for new hacks to be a better version of myself,” says Abma, who’s 40 years young and arguably at his prime. “I’m always trying to figure out how to better optimize my brain and, with that, properly connect it to my body. The brain is just such a mystery to me and I’ve always wanted to understand it better to improve my performance.”

Abma, 40 years young and arguably at his prime. | PHOTO: Eric Berger

As a dedicated entrepreneur and athlete, Abma has been leaning on the eSmartr Compression Sleeve day in and day out. He’s currently growing a real estate development company that requires consistent attention to detail, while continuing to pursue his outdoor goals in full force. To him, it comes down to three main cognitive categories where eSmartr really helps.

“Energy is what keeps me going. Clarity is what helps me make good decisions. And focus is going to keep my eye on the prize no matter what I’m doing,” he says.

These categories of improvement with the eSmartr Compression Sleeve will be put to the ultimate test this winter, when Abma embarks on a human-powered adventure from his home in Squamish, British Columbia, to the top of Mt. Garibaldi, one of the region’s most prominent peaks. A few hours of biking with ski gear in tow will get him to the trailhead; about four to five more hours of ski touring will get him to the base of the peak; and a few more hours of ski touring and climbing will get him to the summit. Every pedal, stride, step, and turn of the way, eSmartr will be there to help. 

So, think about all the gear that goes into strong skiing, and strong work. Now consider making room for one more product. Because at $45 USD, the eSmartr Compression Sleeve is a no-brainer that’ll help you achieve mental clarity and reduce stress every time you hit the slopes.

To learn more about eSmartr and its clarity boosting sleeves, click here.