Sego Tater Tot Ski

The Tater Tot is a one-ski quiver for those who want to turn the whole mountain into a playground. Designed by Sego’s very own athlete and ski builder, Tait Trautman, the Tots are fully symmetrical and feature a tapered tip and tail along with smooth transition zones, making them super reliable edge-to-edge and alleviating any notion of hooking a tip. The “Butter Platforms” in the tip and tail make Tait’s Tots fun to flex and smear while the stout camber underfoot lets you charge all day long.

Sego Big Horn 96 Ski

This directional twin is the little brother of the Big Horn 106. Its weight is lighter and it has a narrower waist than its big brother, with the same rock-solid construction, allowing you to conquer the steeps and take your spins, flips and butters to new levels.

Sego UP AK

When big lines, wide-open faces and high speeds call, the UP AK is there to answer. Lynsey Dyer’s go-to steed for big terrain is as sturdy as a Clydesdale, but with the stop-on-a-dime control of a competition dressage horse. When you’re making high commitment turns on Alaskan faces, this ski will provide ample float with a smooth ride. But the true magic of this Unicorn is that it can transform from full bucking bronco to cantering mare by gently pushing out the swallow tails and rolling onto the flat sole of the ski.

SEgo UP Pro 92

When conditions call for a slimmer ski, look no further than the UP Pro 92. This women’s-specific, all-mountain ski was designed by Lynsey Dyer and can do it all with ease. Whether you’re zipper-lining through mogul fields, lapping the park, weaving through tight trees or holding an edge on firm slopes, the narrowest ski in the UP line is ready for the challenge.

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