Intuition Dreamliner

The Dreamliner instantly increases comfort, warmth and performance without any custom fitting. Just swap it with your stock liner and strut on up to the lift. An easy way to revitalize any shell, it works for all levels of skiers and is available in three thicknesses that are designed to provide more space for insteps, arches and wide forefeet.

Intuition Luxury Liner

The everyman (or everywoman) of Intuition’s collection. The Luxury Liner is available in three thicknesses to accommodate any volume shell or foot, for those in search of the best retention they can get. The thick foam sole, forefoot and heel make this liner ideal for skinny feet, providing maximum heel hold and support. Just like your stalker ex, these liners never let go.

Intuition Pro Tongue Liner

A close cousin to the revered Power Wrap, this is the first tongue-style liner from Intuition that compares to its predecessor in burliness and stiffness. The Pro Tongue is ideal for strong skiers. The lace-up, high-density liner features a 2 mm Strobel sole with a 7 mm optional foam insole and thin toe box to accommodate various foot volumes and widths. Just like the Hulk’s purple pants, they’ll always fit.

GLCR GORE-TEX® Weapon Jacket

The Pro Wrap Liner is the Power Wrap on a wee diet, so you don’t have to be. Its medium-volume thickness and reinforced cuff provide the same reliable stiffness, but with a 2 mm Strobel sole and 7 mm removable foam insole you can easily adjust volume. Perfect for custom footbeds, high arches and wide forefeet. Particularly right after Thanksgiving when your feet are at their fattest.

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