G-Form Pro-G Shorts

Built for athletes who ride park/pipe, urban, big-mountain or backcountry, the Pro-G short provides hip, tailbone, thigh and sit-bone impact protection. Unlike traditional padding, G-Form RPT is so unobtrusive and form-fitting that you won’t even notice you have them on.

G-Form Pro-X Knee-Shin Guards

Whether you’re on the sled in the backcountry or in the streets hitting urban rails, the Knee-Shin Guard has you protected from all elements. Session features longer without fear of banging up your shins, our Knee-Shin pads sit right above your ski boot.

G-Form Pro-X Knee Pad

The fully articulated design of G-Form’s Pro-X Knee Pad offers protection without bulk, meaning you’ll never have to worry about compromising movement. Great for everyday riding, park/pipe, big-mountain and backcountry. So lightweight you won’t even realize you’re wearing them.

G-Form Women's Pro-X Shirt

The Women’s Pro-X Shirt offers impact-absorbing pads that protect the ribs, shoulders, breastbone and clavicle. A women’s-specific fit, along with incredible comfort and durability, makes this shirt ideal for heavy use and repeated washings.

G-Form Men's Pro-X Shirt

The Men’s Pro-X Shirt is built with impact protection anatomically designed to flex with you. Body-mapped, impact-absorbing pads protect from impact at the ribs, shoulders, sternum and clavicle.

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